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IVG Concentrates

The award winning IVG Flavours now available in DIY Concentrates, now available for easy mixing. Goes perfectly with our very own 2x 85ml bases 1/2 a bottle of concentrate in each base (15%)

IVG Blackcurrant Lemonade flavour concentrate is refreshingly zesty lemons blended with dark and sweet blackcurrants.
IVG Blue Slush  flavour concentrate is deliciously cool and fruity, with a unique and invigorating cold sensation.
IVG Bubblegum  flavour concentrate is a sweetshop favourite, with the uniquely distinctive flavour of sweet pink bubblegum.
IVG Rainbow  flavour concentrate is an outrageously fruity mix of luscious strawberries, juicy oranges and zesty lemons
IVG Apple Blackcurrant Slush flavour concentrate gives you a sweet and delightful fruit melody with a cool slush effect.
IVG Mango flavour concentrate is a tropical fruit blend with a sweet taste one of the most popular mango flavours available
IVG Vanilla Milkshake flavour concentrate gives a wholesome and creamy vanilla milkshake flavour.
IVG Raspberry  flavour concentrate gives the taste of fresh raspberries, deliciously sweet, fruity and aromatic.
IVG Sweet Mint  flavour concentrate has the refreshing and cool taste of sweet peppermints.