Setyl Infusions 500mg Syrenity Water Emulsion CBD - 30ml

Setyl Infusions 500mg Syrenity Water Emulsion CBD - 30ml

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For Calm, Rest & Relaxation

If you're looking for any of these, then this organically sourced Broad-Spectrum CBD ‘Water Emulsion’ from Setyl Infusions is specially formulated to be mixed into drinks, supercharging wellness through optimizing the amazing the benefits of CBD with the amazing benefits of hydration.

Syrenity Terpenes:
- Limonene
- Nerolidol
- Myrcene
- Eucalyptol

Each natural, aromatic terpene listed above has been handpicked to provide their unique benefits and organically sourced through natural resources, primarily plants. Combined together, along with the versatility of the CBD will help to maintain one's balance, clarity & consistency. Following the recommended daily dosage (0.5ml), it will last up to around 2 months.

- Made in USA
- 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD
- 30ml Bottle
- 60 Drops per Bottle
- Recommended Daily Dosage: 8.335mg CBD Per Drop
- Third Party Lab Tested
- Zero THC
- Vegan Friendly
- Allergen Free
- Organically Sourced Ingredients
- Manufactured in ISO Certified Labs

Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD), Limonene, Nerolidol, Myrcene, Eucalyptol, Water, MCT Oil, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Sucrose, Quillaja Saponaria Extract, Tartaric Acid

THC Content<0.2%