Vandy Vape Mesh RDA

Vandy Vape Mesh RDA

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If you’re looking for a fresh vaping experience, this Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RDA will open-up a whole new world of flavour. Designed mainly for veteran dripping fans, the 24mm diameter Mesh RDA offers a quick, simple route into vaping with fine wire mesh. If you decide that mesh vaping isn’t your style, this RDA’s post less, clamp build deck can also accommodate single and dual DIY coil builds.

As well as handling almost any type of DIY coil setup, Vandy Vape’s Mesh 24 RDA kit also includes an alternative squonk pin. The pre-fitted standard pin is compatible with all types of mod – including Hybrids. As an alternative to the fitted Ultem drip-tip, there’s a low-profile ‘Doc’ drip-tip in the spares bag. The bag is also packed with all the tools that you need for your first mesh build.

The Mesh 24 RDA’s flat build deck features two long slots – each with a below-deck clamp. Tightening screws can be found on each side of the RDA. Whether you choose to build with mesh or coils, this is probably one of the easiest build decks that you’ll ever work with.

Vaping with mesh is becoming increasingly popular, and this Mesh 24 RDA kit comes with samples of Kanthal, Nickel and Stainless Steel mesh wire for you to try-out. Vandy Vape have also released bulk spools of vaping mesh (not supplied), which can be bought as replacements for the mesh-wire samples.

Technically, vaping with mesh is very similar to vaping with a normal coil. After the mesh-wire is connected between the deck terminals, a generous bundle of wicking cotton (not supplied) is placed beneath the mesh-wire bridge. As well as soaking into the cotton, e liquid is also drawn into the woven mesh. When you press the fire button, electrical current passing through the mesh causes it to glow red-hot – turning the e liquid into vapour.

Vaping mesh wire has a much bigger surface area than a regular coil. As well as delivering more cloud, a mesh vape is also surprisingly smooth. The great thing about a vape with the Mesh 24 RDA is the flavour. This amazing mesh dripper delivers a vape with sparkling clarity.