Mr Blaze 100ml E-liquid

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Mr Blaze Eliquid 100ml Shortfill Bottles

Mr Blaze is a brand new collection of vape liquids manufactured in the UK by the amazing team at The King Of Vapes creators of the Vape Creature huge range of products.

Mr Blaze e-liquids are based on fruity blends and fusions like Hell Fire, Dragons Breath, Immolation and much more, making your taste buds go wild!

Mr Blaze vape juice 100ml Shortfills is a fantastic brand that features a concentration ratio of 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and 30% Mixed PG ( Propylene Glycol ) and high-quality food flavourings. A perfect blend for sub-ohm vaping!

Their range so far includes:

Dragons Breath A delicious blend that features sharp cranberry notes fused with crisp apples to create a bold yet fruity vape liquid.

Hellfire A citrusy blend that features zesty and juicy oranges fused with sharp notes of cranberries to create a delicious all-day-vape liquid.

Immolation A sharp blend that features a medley of berry fruits fused with eucalyptus to create a frosty vape liquid with a fruity aftertaste.

Inferno Blast A juicy blend that features sweet and ripe strawberries notes fused with juicy watermelons to create a deliciously fruity vape liquid.

Molotov Cocktail A tropical blend that captures zesty orange notes and tangy pineapples paired with other tropical fruits to create a delicious vape liquid.

Nitro Junkie A delicious berry blend that features bold blueberry notes fused with ripe raspberries to create a tasty all-day-vape liquid.

Pink Napalm A delicious blend that captures notes of pink berries fused with pink sherbet dust to create a tantalizing vape liquid.

Propane Reign A crisp blend that features sharp blackcurrant notes fused with crisp apples to create a bold vape liquid.

Pyromaniac A delicious blend that features sharp cranberry notes paired with ripe raspberries to create a fantastic berry fusion vape liquid.