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Our classic old pirate range, the original flavours that are in every pirate’s treasure chest!

Shiver Me Timbers
Like sailing through the icy Arctic seas, this irresistibly cool mix of sweet blue raspberries and tangy pink raspberries will leave you
refreshed all day long. Just watch out for that iceberg!

Fool’s Gold
Not real gold but you won’t be disappointed this tantalisingly tropical pineapple flavour will transport you to your own desert island!

Buried Treasure
Yo ho, yo ho a vaper’s life for me! This juicy and fresh apple and mango lemonade will leave you feeling like you’ve struck gold!

Cabin Fever
Emptied that bottle of rum? Need a cure for your cabin fever? Clear your head for
your next adventure with this icy pick-me-up cherry flavour!

Black Beard
Join the legendary scourge of the seven seas! Blackbeard’s wicked blackcurrant, blueberry & anise brew will give you all the energy you need for your next voyage!

Polly’s Plunder
Share the booty and plunder this orange and passionfruit sensation, taken from the good ship Polly as it made its way across the sea from the Americas!